Protect Childhood

War is terrifying for children. It tears their families and communities apart. Children represent both the immediate present and the society’s future, which is why protecting those childhoods is the key to breaking the cycle of violence.

When war breaks out, children look to those close to them for protection. This is most often their mothers and immediate family. But a mother in a war zone needs support too. Her children are more likely to survive if she is educated. If she is given the skills to earn a living, her family will not go hungry. And she will be better able to shield her children from abuse if she understands their rights.

War Child is helping mothers and families around the world give their children a safe start in life and give their communities the best chance of a peaceful future.


Core Programming Areas

  • Education

    Education is critical for all families. But for those living with war, it can be life saving. Being able to read safety instructions, to understand the direction on a child’s medicine or being able to add up prices at the market are all life-changing skills. However, years of violence can leave schools in pieces, transportation dangerous, and teachers in short supply. It can halt children’s education for years. War Child is restoring every child’s right to learn in these areas by pioneering new delivery methods, adapting curriculums, and training new educators.

  • Opportunity

    Give a mother the tools to earn, and you’ll give her power. The power to put shoes on her children’s feet, produce a meal before school and ensure a warm bed at night. For young men, safe employment brings a sense of purpose and a way of contributing to their family. It can also help them help them resist the lure of armed groups. War Child provides skills training, investment and support for families whose opportunities have been compromised by war. We are enabling mothers and fathers are able to bring home an income, provide for their children and contribute to their community’s growth towards economic stability.

  • Justice

    War erodes a country’s ability to bring criminals to justice, and mothers and children are left most vulnerable. Sexual violence, emotional abuse and family abandonment are commonplace long after the guns fall silent. Those who a commit these crimes avoid justice too easily. Their victims remain terrified of further attack. War Child is supporting women and children by working directly with local justice organizations. We are helping to rebuild legal structures, providing access to free legal counsel and making sure judges, police and communities understand the meaning of rights. Our programs are making a free pass for abusers a thing of the past.