Looking ahead in 2012

– Jan 09, 2012

Looking ahead in 2012

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Eric Liphardt

2011 was a year flanked by influential global events. International affairs were in the hot seat; as thought leaders, writers and politicians all looked at the role and impact of humanitarian efforts. Many of 2011’s loose ends from the Arab Spring, the famine in the Horn of Africa, November’s flawed election in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Canada’s retreat from Afghanistan – militarily speaking, will all affect 2012 decisions.

The culmination of any year brings with it “best of” lists  that document the year that was in music, fashion, books, films and the like in addition to countless predictions – however, here at War Child, the “best of” lists that interest us most are these, in no particular order:

1. CGD’s What’s Hot & What’s Not for 2012 from the Centre for Global Development by Jenny Ottenhoff

2. 2011 International Book List by The CIC

3. 2011 Round up by Anouk Dey and Taylor Owen, CIC Dispatch Editors

4. Three Trends to Watch in International Development from the Council on Foreign Relations by Isobel Coleman

5. From an excellent resource – The Guardian’s “Global Development” – a year in pictures

6. Five Reasons for Hope for AIDS, Polio, and More in 2012 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by Joe Cerrell

7. From Foreign Policy Magazine “The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers

8. CIGI Experts Predict Global Governance Challenges for 2012

9. 12 Trends That Will Drive the Global Agenda in 2012 by Mark Goldberg from UN Global Dispatch

10. Top 10 nuclear weapons stories of 2011 from Project Ploughshares by Margaret Swink

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